VALOOK GLOBAL Needleless Watch
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What is a needleless watch ?

There are two LED lights in the watch that indicate the time. It can be charged by Micro Spin that is used to charging a smart phone. Once it is charged, the charging will last for almost 30 days.

It can be turned on and off by touch. With special function, playing roulette and randomly glittering, it enables you to enjoy unique and various fun while doing exercise, at night in a club or a concert.


- It indicates the time with only two lights, with no needle and figures.

- It uses AG reinforced glass, no fingerprint.

- You can set minutes by 1 minute or 5 minutes.

-It gives a signal when it is fully charged or needs to be charged.


- LED light indicating minute.

- LED light indicating hours.

-Product is packed by a transparent acrylic case, it can be easy to keep after being opened and it includes genuine box, warranty paper (manual)


-Because of nature of a fashion watch it provides only water resistant to the extent required in daily life. And can’t wear while swimming.

- After being opened, it should be charged for more than 30 minutes before use.

- Please get fully acquainted with the manual before use.

How to check time

LED Light glitters to indicate minute.

Glittering once means a minute.

Glittering two times means two minutes.

Glittering three times means three minutes.

Glittering four times means four minutes.

This picture means 12:20.

If the light indicating minute glitters two times, it means 12:22.

Product Warranty

This product is warranted to be free from defects for one (1) year except for consumables.

Provided that the battery is warranted against defects for six months.

Any liability is disclaimed for indirect damage resulting from the use of the Product.

If your product is faulty due to defects, please send it to us with warranty statement.

This warranty does not cover defects when founded to be caused by unauthorized alteration or misuse of a user. However, you can get after services when the product is flooded or broken or its USB cap is removed at a cost.


If the battery charging level is below 10%, the light glitters to indicate this situation. Then, it should be charged for more than 90 minutes before use.

When the charging is complete, four lights turn along a rim of the watch.

After full charging, it will last for 30 days. as a case may be different to depending on the battery condition.

(When it is overcharged, it is designed in such a way that power supply is automatically shut off, so you can use it safely.

 Random/ Roulette light

If you touch the window for 2 - 6 seconds, light glitters randomly. Then if you touch the window one more when light glitters randomly, it turns like a roulette wheel and stops on any point, and in a little while, the light starts to glitter randomly again.

If you want to stop the light glittering, please touch the window more that one second but less than 6 second.

Time Setting

Setting is divided into four steps. in each step, the window has to be touched over 1 second to be saved.

Toward 12 o’clock -> hour -> minute -> selecting 1 minute mode or five minutes mode.

to enter the setting mode, Please touch the window for over 6 seconds,


1. Please touch the window for over one second after setting 12 o’clock.

(If you select to set in such a way that lights are lit in four directions, even after setting, it displays in four directions.

2. Set to your intended hour, touch the window for over one second.

3. Set to your intended minute, touch the window for over one second. (If you want to set to 12 minutes, you should touch the window twice where the light is located on 10 minutes.)

4. It is one minute mode that passes 5minutes with glittering, and it is five minute mode that passes 5minutes without glittering. you have to touch more that one second to set your favorite mode.

Initializing Setting

If you touch the screen for over 10 seconds while setting, all LED lights will be turned off and time setting will be cancelled.


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